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Saturday, 29 June 2013

This silence has been interrupted by a blog post!

It's been, amazingly, almost a month since my last post.  My life has been hectic and has got in the way somewhat. Flaming June was not as flaming as I (and everyone else) would have liked but we have, at least, had a few sunny intervals amidst the gloom.  Exams are over, Year 11 have departed and so my teaching timetable has eased considerably, which has given me a little more time for a bit of crafting (but not as much as I would have liked).  
After a few visits to The Wool and Willow Festival in Llanidloes.  I have been busy using up my purchases of yarn from Dyed in the Wool. I used a pattern  from Sheepfold to make this lovely, frilly topped bag:

I have also been doing some applique and free machine stitching, which is new to me but very exciting to do. I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet, probably turn it into a cushion, which is what it was on the pattern from Bustle and Sew  (Appley Dappley Cushion Cover). I think it's lovely and fresh looking.  Hope you agree!!:

I've still got some of the aforementioned yarn to use up, and lots of patterns to try out.  So many lovely things to make - so little time!!

I have to admit that I have been spending a lot of down time watching The British and Irish Lions' tour of Australia and it's been very nerve wracking!! One more match left, next weekend, the series decider.  I so envy my son and his girlfriend who are 'down under', following the team as part of their "Six Months Out".
They look like they're having so much fun!!!:

Meanwhile, back at home, plans for our daughter's wedding are coming on apace.  Only 98 days to go, which sounds like a long time but I can remember when it was double that, and it's gone in a flash - eek!
The theme is Afternoon Tea (after where the proposal took place) and we have been busily plotting, planning and making for ages now.  All top secret stuff - you'll have to wait, sorry!!  Meanwhile' here's the happy couple on proposal day!

Time flies and so must I.  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

At last - it's flaming June!

And about time too!  Even now I still expect to look out of the window and see the rain bucketing down.  May has been a busy month in lots of ways but I am rapidly becoming the Queen Of Unfinished Projects. Even as I blog i'm aware that this is a displacement activity! At the moment the list consists of: a patchwork bed quilt for the spare room; a knitted cushion cover; several felt pieces to be made into cushion covers; an embroidery to frame; a dress pattern and fabric waiting to be dealt with and a wall hanging I started on the peg loom.  I also have things I am making for our daughter's wedding which are secret until the day. One of these days I'll catch up.....

 On the plus side, I have finished the felted bag I started, 

and made a little brooch from some felt scraps.

The nest box on the side of the house has a camera in, and there is a little family of blue tits in there.  It's lovely to watch the baby birds snoozing away quietly until, suddenly, one of the parent birds arrives with food.  Their little yellow beaks gape open and there is a frenzy of excitement as they wait to be fed.  Hopefully they will all thrive and fledge safely.  We've been watching Springwatch on TV and some of the birds on their have not been so lucky.  Ynys Hir, where the series is filmed, is not too far from here.  It's nice to see the beautiful scenery of this part of Wales being beamed around the world!

We took our touring caravan about seventy miles to the Ceredigion/Pembrokeshire border for a few days over half term.  Newcastle Emlyn is the loveliest little town - friendly people and unusual shops.  I even bought my mother-of-the-bride outfit and a very elegant hat!  Gwennie loved the sea at Poppit Sands near Cardigan, and even deigned to have a paddle.  You can see how sunny it was!  We went to the Welsh National Wool Museum at Felindre, although I was disappointed to find nothing there made of Welsh Woollen felt.

Now. Back to those unfinished items...........