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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back to reality...

Well the wedding is over, and what a fabulous day it was.  Beautiful weather, beautiful bride, beautiful everything!!

We had such a wonderful time but now it's over I can relax, think about my holiday at the end of next week, and get on with some more sewing and felting.  I did make quite a few things for the wedding though, which i can now reveal.  Firstly, I made lots of things for the centre of each table: a small, circular cloth edged in polka dot bias binding;  a table name made from a wooden teapot shape covered in vintage style paper with the name of the table written on (my husband made the wooden stands) and I also arranged the flowers in the little jugs on each table.

Continuing the theme, I then made a table plan board using polka dot fabric stapled onto board, with smaller teapots with the table names on.  My daughter attached a peg to the back of each one so that she could clip the guests' names to them and attach them to the board.  She also, I'm really proud to say, made the bunting flags-the first time she's attempted anything like that (so glad I bought her a sewing machine for her last birthday!!).

On the bunting theme - I made metres of it!! It was all around the room and looked so pretty.  We put some on the sweetie shelves along with some pretty, covered wooden hearts.  I also did some bunting for behind the top table.

Finally, I also made some bags.  Two little Dorothy bags for the flower girls and a lacy clutch for the bride.

I think I'll set up as a wedding planner!!  It's got to be more fun than trying to get teenagers to understand the rudiments of the English language (she said with a sigh).